Sarah (shylittleone81) wrote in howecametobe,


Hello There,

My name is Sarah and I have been lurking in this community until I could find the right moment to introduce myself. I am 21 years old and have been married 2 years to my wonderful husband, Jeremy....

We do not have any children as of yet, but, we are very much wanting a couple of kids. Jeremy is a Security Guard at night and studying for an accounting degree during the day and I am a cashier at a local thrift store, looking into going back to school to study Early Childhood development.

Well, I just thought I would introduce myself since some of you may have been seeing posts by me and not knowing who I am...

-- Sarah
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Hello. I wanted to welcome you to a community that I'm apart of. It's called engaged2married. It's for members who are engaged or married. No age limit. It's a laid back community and they have polls and discussions. Lots of different topics to talk about, advice etc.. you should come join if you want!