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When A Friendship Grows Into Something Stronger...

My name is Colleen. I have been with my boyfriend, Ben for a year and three months on the 24th. Here's my story...

I met Ben the second semester of my sophomore year of HS. He and I never got along, if we spoke, it was anything but nice. Somewhere in the end of the first semester of my Junior year he started to hang out with my friends and I. They would all tease us making comments like "When's the wedding?" "When are you guys gonna have sex?" And so on. And of course, we always just laughed it off.Ben and I became pretty close. Like Best friends. Its different. I totally think you can have two best friends..especially when they are of the opposite sex. Its different with a girl. Cassie's my BEST friend..and Ben is my best friend at a completely different aspect. This guy Jake lived with Ben..And I always played it off that I liked Jake. As it turns out, Ben had to move. Which ultimately broke my heart. The day he was moving we were going to pick Cassie up. I had told him that I had something I had to tell him. When we got into Cassie's driveway, I stopped the car, parked it, and said "I dont want Jake...I want you!" Then I took off runnning. I didnt want to deal with rejection. Later, we went to McDonalds for our last lunch hour together. While we were was so awkward..Cassie was delirious and had no idea I had told him. I dropped him off at his house...He looked at me and said "I don't want the flower girl. I want you too. I'll call you when I get there." And he hugged me. I immediately began bawling. I didnt want him to leave. So for a few weeks I thought about it..He thought about it. And we came to the conclusion that we werent going to jeopardize our friendship. Then the day after Cassie's birthday he gave me a note saying all kinds of sweet things. He said he'd be crazy to let a girl like me pass him up. And we decided on May 24th that we were going to date. We had our one year anniversary on my graduation day. To this day..I have no regrets. Now I can admit to myself and others, that I am in love with him... and whether it works out or not...You never forget the first time you fall in love.
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