Rebecca (blood_moth) wrote in howecametobe,

Elliot and I met through friends who were dating and we were friends for a few months, we kept putting our usernames as "I really like you" and then I'd put "I really like you too" and stuff like that. We started going out but after a week I broke up with him and that same night he kissed one of my friends so I thought oh well forget it then. I went on for a few days until my friend who he had kissed who is now not my friend called me and said "I'm realluy sorry, it was not even a real kiss, I kissed him and he didn't really have a choice.....sorry" So I thought oh well I DID break up with him first after all. So after two weeks or three weeks we got baxck together and he wrote me the longest letter saying how this time we should try to make it work out. After three months time I felt so in love with him, too scared to say it I kept my feelings hidden. Elliot appeared one day and took me to the bench we first met on under a tree and got his friend to play "Save tonight" on the guitar and he lent over to me and said "I love you Becka" and we have been together so so happily and so so in love ever since. That was almost two years ago and we have grown so much since then, so much. Were planning to get engaged next year and I am so happy we got back together and in the end that break we had made us stronger than ever.
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